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Farm safety education starts early in Highland

Illinois farmers operate heavy machinery on a daily basis. That machinery can result in fatal and life-threatening injuries. Considering that many of our state's youth could grow up to work on farms one day, it's never too early to start educating children about safety issues on the farm.

The Highland Community Unit School District is striving to do just that. St. Paul Catholic School recently participated in Agriculture Safety Day. May 12 is a worldwide day to bring higher awareness and education regarding the importance of farm safety.

What costs should I think about after a spinal cord injury?

Any accident that causes a spinal cord injury is one that was very serious. Whether this tragic accident occurred at work, in your vehicle, or in another location, you might have recourse. It is imperative that you think carefully about what you do after the accident. Of course, your top priority is seeking medical care.

Often, you will face a long road with your healing. Some spinal cord injuries produce permanent results that mean you have to learn how to live with a new idea of what a normal life is going to be like.

Steps to take after a workers' compensation claim denial

There are few things worse than suffering a serious injury on the job. If this happens, you will face a variety of challenges in the near future.

For example, you will need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Along with this, you may find that your injury requires ongoing treatment, often lasting for many months into the future. In the worst cases, you may not be able to work again.

Winning a personal injury case is not the end of the fight

People of all walks of life may find themselves suffering from an injury that is someone else's responsibility. Whether you are a businessperson, teacher, farmer, union laborer, artist, or any number of other occupations, you may suffer an injury just about anywhere, at any time.

When you have been injured by someone else's negligence, the law has a clearly defined process through which you may pursue justice. If a court rules in your favor, you may recover a broad range of remedies. Your financial recovery may include compensation for your medical expenses and your lost wages while recovering from the injury. They may also include compensation for losses more difficult to quantify, such as lost wages in the future from an ongoing disability, or compensation for your pain and suffering.

Should I consult a lawyer before I speak with insurance?

If you've worked at your factory job very long at all, you know that injuries are likely to happen sooner or later. Even when you take proper precautions, mistakes get made.

If you get injured on the job the very first thing you should do is get medical attention and notify your employer. Even if your injury seems small, it can turn into something big, or it may be more serious than you think it is.

5 workers' compensation facts for factory workers

You work hard at the factory every single day to provide your wife and young children with the things they need and some of the things they want. Living paycheck-to-paycheck isn't easy but it is the reality of life right now. Suddenly, you get hurt at work. You were being as safe as you could, but the accident happened anyway. Where do you go from here? You can file for workers' compensation and knowing these points can help you determine what is likely to happen.

Reasons for and how to address a workers' compensation denial

Were you injured on the job? Do you have reason to believe that you qualify for workers' compensation benefits?

If you answered yes to both these questions, you shouldn't wait another day to file a claim.

Long-term effects of car accidents on business professionals

Car accident injuries vary widely from one wreck to the next, and many have simple, short-term impacts on people's lives. A broken arm will heal in a matter of months; cuts, bruises and lacerations may take just weeks. A year later, you may be entirely healed and you can move on from the accident easily.

However, many injuries, especially those to the head and the brain, can have serious long-term effects. For business owners and business professionals, these can drastically change their professional and personal lives. It's crucial to know how these changes may factor into the equation when looking at the compensation to which you're entitled.

So you've been hurt at work. Now what?

Any injury can be debilitating, but a work-related injury can change the course of your life. If you have not had been through the Illinois' workers' compensation process before - and even if you have - getting the compensation you deserve can be a complicated undertaking if you try to do it on your own.

Although hiring an attorney is not required to file a claim for benefits, it is extremely helpful to have a professional on your side who knows how to protect your rights and who will advocate on your behalf. You can hire a lawyer - who you educate you about your options, help you file your claim and fight for your right to benefits - without paying any money out of your pocket.

How do I pay for my lawyer?

Do you know how to recoup your losses after a car accident?

In the blink of an eye, your life - or the life of a loved one - can change. It is likely that you or a family member will be involved in an accident at some point during your life.

As of September 13, 2016, there have been 750 traffic fatalities in Illinois just this year. That is 66 more deaths than last year. Hundreds of less serious accidents occur across the state on a daily basis.

Recovering losses after a serious accident

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