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Motorcycle accidents can occur all year long

The time for riding motorcycles is almost over for the season in southern Illinois. Even though some drivers might think that motorcycle riders aren't going to be on the roadways, they must still watch out for them because you never know when a biker will feel the need to hit the open road.

No matter when a motorcycle crash occurs, there is a good chance that the biker is going to suffer serious injuries. Some of these include head injuries and spinal cord injuries. Whether you are a biker or another motorist, here are some points you need to remember about motorcycles and accidents involving them:

Illinois workers' compensation: Frequently asked questions

Getting hurt at work is something that can seem like more than you can handle. Not only are you worried about how you are going to recover, but you are also worried about how you will make ends meet.

If you are injured while working in Illinois, you should be covered under your employer's workers' compensation policy. This can help you to get partial wage replacement and medical benefits while you recover.

Broken bones are never to be taken lightly

Many people suffer from broken bones each year. Although this is a rather common injury, that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. In fact, broken bones can cause tremendous pain and limit your mobility. You might be unable to work for a while after the injury.

There are several points you should know about broken bones. This information could help if you are ever in a situation where you have to deal with this type of serious fracture.

Important things to know about brain injuries

All head injuries should be considered serious because of the risk of a brain injury. Anyone who has harmed one's head must stay vigilant for signs of underlying damage to one's brain.

These injuries could impact the rest of your life across all levels of functioning. Here are some points that you should remember about brain injuries:

Farmers should understand strict product liability in Illinois

The equipment that farmers use can be very dangerous. Farmers don't head out to the fields with the intention of being harmed by the equipment, but it does happen sometimes. The injuries in these cases are often very serious, if not fatal.

In 2015, there were 401 deaths of farm workers and farmers, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This equates to around 19.2 deaths for every 100,000 workers. Each one of those fatalities led to a family not having their loved one come home from work.

Take precautions regarding spinal cord injuries after a car crash

Spinal cord injuries are frequently experienced in a car crash. The risk of trauma to your spinal cord is greatest if you hit your head or neck in the accident. It is a good idea to stabilize the neck and spinal cord if there is a chance that you suffered a spinal cord injury.

Taking special precautions after a car crash can help to reduce the risk of a worsening spinal cord injury.

Important ladder safety tips to follow

Do you work in a field in which you regularly use a ladder? Are you sure of your ability to do so in a safe manner?

Even if you use a ladder day in and day out, there could come a time when you are part of a serious accident.

Trucker fatigue and burnout can cause serious accidents

Truckers operate very heavy trucks and trailers. When you add the cargo to it, the weight increases considerably. Because the weight, size and speed of these trucks can be devastating in an accident, it is imperative that truckers are well rested and ready to give their full attention to the road when they drive. Not doing so could lead to semitruck crashes.

Whether the trucker is suffering from burnout or fatigue, he or she can't give driving the rig the attention necessary to make it to the destination safely. Even though burnout and fatigue are often lumped together, they are very different. Here are some points you should know:

3 steps to take after a serious accident

You didn't expect to get hurt today. In fact, you felt great when you got up. You thought everything was going like you wanted, but that all came to a quick end when you were hit by a car.

Now, you've been left with serious injuries. At the scene, you're just trying to cope with the injuries and pain you're feeling. What else do you need to do? These are some steps to take after an accident.

A brain injury can make it difficult for you to work

During the summer months, people decide to spend more time outside. For people who have traumatic brain injuries, the time they spend outside might be limited because of the impact of the injury. This is only one way that your life might change after a traumatic brain injury.

Another way that a traumatic brain injury is that you might not be able to work. This can make it hard to live since you will constantly have to worry about money.

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