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Assisting With Truck Accident Claims

A trucking accident can change your life in an instant. When a truck driver makes a mistake or falls asleep at the wheel, the result is almost always devastating to others on the road.

Trucking companies and the drivers of commercial vehicles are required by law to follow strict protocol for operating large semi trucks. These rules regulate how long they can drive, the types of loads they can carry and how those loads should be balanced in the truck.

Holding Negligent Truckers Accountable

Following a tractor-trailer crash, the attorneys at Bonifield & Rosenstengel, P.C., hold drivers and their companies accountable for the pain that they have caused. We thoroughly investigate what caused the accident and fight aggressively for the compensation you need when recovering from a traumatic injury.

If you have been injured or have lost a loved one to a trucking accident, please call us today. We will explain your legal options and how we can act on your behalf to hold the responsible parties accountable. Contact our Belleville, Illinois, office today at 618-215-2412 or toll free at 866-223-2525.

We handle all truck accident cases on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorneys fees until we successfully resolve your legal claims and obtain financial compensation for you.

Decades Of Experience In Truck Accident Cases

Trucking companies will fight liability aggressively, doing everything in their power to avoid paying damages on these accidents. This can include hiding or doctoring logbooks, losing evidence or falsifying records.

We know the lengths that trucking companies will go to and are prepared to fight back. Our lawyers work with top experts to recreate the scene of the accident to show how it occurred. We also track down pertinent evidence and logbooks to ensure that they are included in the claim.

Level The Playing Field. Put Us On Your Team.

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We understand the deep impact the accident has had on you and your family, as well as the frustration of fighting trucking companies that deny responsibility. Our lawyers are committed to holding the responsible parties accountable, providing you and your family a sense of justice following a trucking accident.

Please contact us at 618-215-2412 or 866-223-2525 toll free to schedule your free consultation.