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How safe are pedestrians in Illinois?

St. Clair County experienced the third most number of pedestrian deaths in all of Illinois in 2013.

St. Clair County residents can find themselves in danger of being hit by motor vehicles in many situations. Jogging on a sidewalk or path, crossing a street, walking through a parking lot or even waiting at a bus stop can all be risky when negligent drivers are around.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 125 pedestrian fatalities in Illinois in 2013. That is out of a total of 991 vehicular deaths related to any cause. Cook County was the site of the most pedestrian deaths with 53 pedestrians losing their lives in crashes.

Winnebago County had the second highest number of pedestrian fatalities with 11 while St. Clair and Lake Counties tied for the next position with eight fatalities. The eight pedestrian deaths in St. Clair County were from a total 45 vehicular fatalities from all factors.

Stories from throughout the state

A glance at news headlines return details of multiple pedestrian accidents. In Carbondale, a 95-year old woman was hit while simply getting her mail. She died from her injuries according to The Daily Herald.

An 83-year old man was sent to the hospital after being hit while walking to church one day. A car turning at an intersection where he was crossing struck him according to the Belleville News-Democrat. He died two days after being taken to the hospital.

Along Interstate 55 near Interstate 70, a 53-year old man was hit and killed by a driver. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch explains that the man had originally stopped when his car ran out of fuel. A second vehicle then became stalled in the middle lane of traffic so he went to offer help to that driver. While there, he was struck by a third driver who had tried to avoid hitting his out-of-gas car.

Important safety precautions for pedestrians

With such a wide range of risks faced by pedestrians, it is important that they always do their best to be visible to drivers. This can include following traffic laws, signals and signs as well as wearing clothing or special gear that is reflective. Walking against traffic on a sidewalk or side of the road can also be helpful as pedestrians then have a better view of potential problems before they happen.

When precautions cannot prevent accidents

Sadly, there are times that it seems there is no way to prevent a tragic car accident. Whether due to a drunk driver, a reckless driver or some other factor, these things will happen. Victims or their loved ones should always be ready to seek help from an attorney in these situations.

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