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Jon E. Rosenstengel is a seasoned personal injury attorney who dedicates his complete practice to litigation on behalf of those who’ve been harmed by the negligence of others and those who’ve been harmed on the job. In other words, Jon’s focus is on your personal rights – rather than on the financial interests of the powerful insurance company that’s handling your personal injury claim.

Mr. Rosenstengel has decades of experience helping claimants like you obtain the compensation to which they are entitled and that they need to regain their health and well-being. Additionally, he will leave no stone unturned in his quest to achieve your claim’s optimal outcome.

Practice Areas

Mr. Rosenstengel’s practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Workers’ compensation claims that address injuries sustained on the job and include construction accident claims
  • Traffic accident claims, including truck accident claims
  • Personal injury claims generally

If you were injured in the course of your work or by someone else’s negligence, Mr. Rosenstengel is on your side and has the experience, resources, and drive to help skillfully guide your claim toward a favorable resolution that supports your legal rights and affords you rightful compensation.

Background and Experience

Mr. Rosenstengel was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1993 and to the Missouri Bar in 1994, and he has a unique combination of both professional and personal experience that informs the skilled legal guidance he provides. He is also licensed to practice in Northern Central and Southern Districts in federal court in Illinois as well as the Eastern District of Missouri in Federal Court.

Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Rosenstengel worked as a private investigator for a law firm, and the skills he obtained in this capacity inform the important investigative work he does for his personal injury clients. This unique background leaves Jon well-positioned to effectively and efficiently advocate for advantageous claim outcomes that uphold his clients’ rights and best interests.

The Private Investigator Difference

Before Jon Rosenstengel joined Bonifield & Rosenstengel, P.C., he followed in Mr. Bonifield’s footsteps by pursuing experience as a private investigator. The skills he honed as a PI translate well to the investigating he does as a personal injury attorney, and his clients benefit immensely from the unique perspective his background offers.

Investigation plays a critical role in successful personal injury claims, and the difference that experience in private investigations can make includes all the following:

  • The ability and finesse to obtain meaningful witness statements from bystanders and eyewitnesses who may otherwise be reluctant to share
  • The skill and insight to capture photographic evidence that is difficult to refute
  • The ability to gain a holistic view of accident scenes, which serves to flesh out personal injury and workers’ compensation claims

The advantages associated with PI experience in relation to personal injury law are difficult to overstate.


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Jerry F. Costello also dedicates his practice to personal injury litigation, focusing on the losses experienced by those who are injured by the negligence of others and those who are injured on the job.

Mr. Costello is committed to skillfully defending the rights of his clients, in focused pursuit of their rightful compensation.

Practice Areas

Mr. Costello’s primary practice areas include all the following:

  • Personal Injury generally
  • Traffic accident claims, including truck accident claims
  • Workers’ compensation claims, including construction accident claims
  • Wrongful death claims in which those harmed ultimately succumb to their injuries

If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured, if you’ve been injured in the course of your work, or if you have lost a loved one to someone else’s negligence, Jerry has the focused legal skill, experience, and compassion to help.

Background and Experience

Jerry was admitted to the Illinois bar in 2019 and has a personal work history in labor-intensive industries.

His experience informs every personal injury and worker’s compensation case he handles. Mr. Costello works tirelessly to ensure he supports his clients’ rights and best interests.

Our Firm’s Position

Mr. Rosenstengel and Mr. Costello share a united perspective when it comes to our clients. This includes working closely with each client from that first call all the way through to a settlement or court award. We’re committed to being available to you when you need us, fiercely advocating for your claim’s best possible outcome, and taking the unique elements of your situation into careful consideration as we build your strongest claim.

Whether you work with Jon or Jerry, you can expect to have their focused attention – and to have their combined experience backing you up. Your claim’s resolution is important to your future, and this fact guides all the legal counsel we provide.

Get in Touch

If someone else’s negligence leaves you injured or if you’ve been injured at work, we encourage you to reach out for more information about what we can do to help you and to schedule your free consultation today. We are located at the following address:

16 East Main Street
Belleville, IL 62220

And we can be reached at 618-277-7740 or can be contacted online. We proudly serve all of Central and Southern Illinois, including all the following:

  • Monroe County
  • Belville
  • O’Fallon
  • Fairview Heights
  • St. Clair
  • Marion
  • Carbondale
  • Mt. Vernon

If you have concerns that relate to a personal injury, workers’ compensation, or wrongful death claim, it’s time to seek the legal guidance you need, and we welcome your inquiries. 

A Note about Payment

If you’ve suffered losses due to someone else’s negligence or have been injured in the course of your work, the last thing you want to take on is an additional expense – such as the cost of hiring a seasoned personal injury attorney. The good news is that at Bonifield & Rosenstengel, P.C., we work on a contingency basis. This means that you won’t need to pay anything until your claim has been successfully resolved.

If you prevail and receive a settlement or court award, we’ll earn a predetermined percentage of that amount. And if your claim proves unsuccessful, you won’t owe us anything. In other words, we assume the risk, which we assess in accordance with our impressive experience and legal skill. We’ll help you better understand the strengths – as well as any weaknesses – of your claim and will ensure that you’re well-informed regarding the steps you can take to help strengthen your position from the outset.

While every personal injury claim follows its own unique path, we have the legal finesse to help ensure that yours continues to move in the right direction and that your rights are well protected throughout the legal process.