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Culture of safety is critical in all workplaces

Employers have a duty to provide a safe work environment for their employees. While it is fairly easy to think about basic things like keeping the floors free from slip and trip hazards, there are other considerations that need to be factored into the safety plan.

The onus of workplace safety falls on the employer, but it might help to bolster the culture of safety if employees are included in the planning and execution of the protocol. With this in mind, companies might choose to implement these points.

  • Provide ergonomic equipment. Even though some people may push for alternatives like yoga ball chairs, sticking with equipment that is proven safe can help to keep employees out of harm's way.
  • Extend training. Companies often try to rush through an orientation without actually offering real training. Extending the training program to include lessons in safety, and possibly including mentoring, can be beneficial to everyone.
  • Hold safety meet-ups. On average, a new employee remains engaged in their duties for the first six months they hold a job. Once that passes, it can behoove a company to have periodic safety meet-ups with employees. They can do this in a variety of ways, including department meetings or individual safety evaluations.
  • Encourage physical activity. One workplace hazard that not everyone thinks about is the lack of movement in some jobs. Finding ways to get employees moving might include hosting walking meetings when things like whiteboards or presentations aren't needed.
  • Address any safety issues immediately. It is easier for employees to see their mistakes if they are told about them immediately. Managers should offer guidance about how to correct the problem.
  • Provide reminders of safety risks. Workers should be warned of the hazards of their job duties when they begin the job, but they will also likely need to be reminded periodically. Posting warnings and reminders of important points might help to prevent accidents.

Know common reasons for motor vehicle crashes

As people venture out on the roadways during the warmer months of the year, they must ensure that they are prepared to do so safely. Many of the accidents that occur on the roads across this nation could be prevented if drivers just paid more attention to what is going on.

It is imperative that you are ready to handle anything that happens when you are driving. Understanding some of the more common causes of crashes can help to prevent them.

Hit in a rear-end collision? Don't skip the medical exam

You were traveling on the highway and had to come to a stop because of slowed traffic in a construction zone. Not long after you stopped, you noticed that a vehicle was approaching faster than you'd expect for having stopped traffic ahead. Needless to say, they could not stop in time. Although they did slow down, they still hit you at a relatively quick speed, causing your airbags to go off and resulting in a crash.

Fortunately, no one except you and the other driver were involved, and you feel okay. You were both able to slowly move your vehicles to the side of the road once the authorities arrived, and now they want to know if you'd like to go to the hospital. You have a lot to do today, so you want to refuse, but the best option is to go in anyway. Why? You could be hurt and not be aware of it.

Fatal commercial crashes are on the rise in the United States

There is an amount of danger every time you get behind the wheel of a car, but usually the amount is relatively negligible. Most people arrive safely when they drive places. However, your overall risk as a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle may be higher now than it was last year, especially when it comes to those who frequently drive near commercial vehicles.

An analysis performed by federal officials indicates that fatal truck crashes continue to occur at higher rates in the United States than they did the year before. In other words, you probably have more risk of dying in a commercial truck crash this year than you did last year.

Don't try to work through that back injury you got on the job

You work hard to support yourself and your family. Working in a blue-collar field, whether your job is in a factory or in construction, means that you put your health and physical well-being on the line every day to do your job. It is common for minor injuries to occur at work if you work a physically demanding job.

Given that minor injuries and pain are probably part of the work, you may feel inclined to ignore injuries when they first occur. You probably assume that they will get better over time and that as long as you can continue working, you should.

Family members have options after fatal tractor accidents

Farming is a major industry in Illinois, and it employs many people for both permanent and seasonal positions. This work is hard, but in some ways, it is more dangerous than it used to be. Farming has always been a demanding industry, but in recent decades, the amount of physical labor required for many crops has decreased as a result of advances in tractor technology.

Improved planting, cultivation and harvesting systems, as well as better genetic varieties of major crops, have revolutionized farm production and the work performed by farm staff. However, these same machines have also increased the potential for severe and fatal accidents.

A safety plan is critical for road construction projects

The warmer weather means that road construction projects are going to be in full swing. While this work is necessary, there are some hazards that come along with having these workers on the roads. It is imperative that any company that handles construction projects on open roads have appropriate safety measures in place to keep workers safe.

There are many aspects of this type of environment that must be considered for employees to make it home safely after their shift. Some of these factors are interdependent, while others aren't. Still, they must all be addressed.

4 safety tips for every motorcycle rider

Riding a motorcycle through Belleville is like playing a game of chess. The difference is that while you are planning three, four or five moves ahead, you also have to watch out for threats coming from all directions at very high speeds.

In general, people operating a motor vehicle tend to be blind when it comes to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles. Even though such a driver could be liable for the injuries that result from their negligent driving, it is up to you to take steps to ensure your own safety every time you climb onto your bike in Belleville.

Concussions can be serious and have lasting effects

If you were injured in an auto accident, you may have suffered a concussion without ever realizing it. Even a mild concussion is a traumatic brain injury, and can have lasting effects on the sufferer's physical and mental health.

Some people mistakenly believe that concussions only occur when there is a loss of consciousness. While that is definitely an indicator in many instances of concussions, it is not always necessary for a diagnosis to be made.

From planting to harvesting: Safety matters in farming

As farmers embark on the busiest time of year, it is imperative that they and their workers fully understand what hazards they face. Annually, around 700 farm workers die and another 120,000 workers suffer injuries that disable them. Companies must take time to ensure that workers are safe.

There are many tasks that have to be done from the planting through the harvesting. Each requires different safety methods that take specific circumstances into account. Establishing safety protocol and training employees properly can help to ensure that everyone makes it through the season in Belleville.

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