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Package handlers and delivery drivers have risky jobs

The holiday season means people will ship things and package handles for major shipping companies will be busy. It is imperative that these individuals have a safe work environment throughout this time of year. There are many hazards at play, so employers and employees alike must ensure they take all steps possible to keep the workplace injury free.

Part of the reason why package handlers are at such a risk of injury is that the job is physically demanding. The risks don't only apply to people who work in the distribution centers. They also impact delivery drivers who handle packages.

Texting at the wheel of a commercial vehicle could be negligence

Distracted driving is a very real concern for everyone on the road, from pedestrians to commercial drivers. Anyone can choose to look at a mobile phone instead of the road, and that can create a lot of risk for the general public.

Illinois state law prohibits drivers from manually handling cellphones at the wheel. Drivers can face tickets for holding a cellphone while they are talking to someone else or for sending text messages while driving. These laws aim to deter people on Illinois roadways from indulging in dangerous distractions.

Overturned tractors pose agricultural hazard

Harvest time in Illinois is always fraught with danger for those working on tractors and other agricultural equipment. While people may not consider farm work to be inherently dangerous, those who toil on farms for their living are well-acquainted with the dangers that are present in their everyday activities.

One particular hazard they face is overturned tractors. This summer, the federal Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a recall of tractor canopies that failed to meet design specifications.

It's not just the "dangerous" jobs that can hurt workers

Most people think of office work as being fairly safe. However, these workers can still suffer from injuries. It is imperative that individuals have a place to do their job duties that is free of hazards. If there are known dangers, they must be minimized as much as possible.

There are several things that office employees need to be aware of. Employers should also know these so that they can take steps to help workers remain safe.

Is your teen taking a limo to homecoming this year?

It's that time of year again — high school homecoming football games and dances. This is a cherished rite of passage for most high school teenagers who love the prospect of dressing up and stepping out of a limousine when they arrive at the festivities.

But how safe is the limo in which your kids will be riding? You may have decided to spring for the limo or party bus solely to keep them safe. You figure that by not being on the road with other possibly impaired teens with little driving experience, they will be out of harm's way.

The duty to mitigate damages can impact a personal injury claim

Seeking compensation after an accident that led to injuries often comes with claims for various types of damages. Many factors come into the equation when you are trying to determine how much to claim. There are some points that might impact the final numbers in your case.

One thing to consider is that you have a duty to mitigate your damages. There are several ways that you can do this, so understanding exactly how it applies to your case is beneficial. Here are some general guidelines to consider, but you should still find out exactly how things might benefit or harm your case since there are often unique considerations:

4 reasons drivers get in crashes: The reality of trucking jobs

Fatigued drivers are a risk to everyone on the road. In fact, not getting enough sleep can make drivers just as dangerous as they would be if they were intoxicated. That should be enough to make people get enough rest before they drive, but it isn't.

Perhaps shockingly, the number of commercial truck accidents has increased by 20 percent in the last decade, even through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has taken steps to reduce them by implementing new regulations.

Farm equipment safety on public roads is important

Harvest season, which runs through November for many farmers, is a time when safety must be on the mind of everyone who travels around the fields. Often, people will have to navigate farm equipment on public roads to get to the harvests.

Unfortunately, operating on these roads puts the equipment operator in great danger. Accidents between a car and farm equipment can lead to severe injuries or death of the people in both vehicles. Here are some points to remember about safety during harvest season and whenever farm equipment is on the road:

You must follow through with medical advice after a work injury

The only thing worse than getting hurt at work is losing out on the workers' compensation benefits that protect you after a workplace injury. Familiarizing yourself with your rights under Illinois workers' compensation law is an important first step for any injured worker. That way, you ensure that you file paperwork in a timely fashion and with all the required documentation.

However, just knowing how to file a claim for benefits is not the only thing you need to do to ensure you receive the treatments and compensation you deserve. Failing to adequately follow through with the recommended medical treatments prescribed by your doctor can have a direct impact on your ability to receive workers' compensation benefits in the future.

How federal laws aim to reduce commercial truck collisions

The fact that commercial trucks pose greater risk than other vehicles on the road to most drivers is a commonly accepted truth. After all, these big rigs are often much bigger and heavier than passenger vehicles. When vehicles of vastly different sizes collide, the large vehicle clearly has the advantage.

Despite the potential for horrific accidents and a large annual death toll, commercial trucks still share the road with passenger vehicles. In order to reduce the risk that commercial trucks pose, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has rules in place that reduce unsafe commercial driving practices and therefore the potential for serious collisions and crashes.

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