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Tips for preparing to drive on a long trip

Preparing for a long vehicle trip starts long before you pull out of the driveway. You must ensure that your car is ready and that you're mentally prepared for the drive. This may help you to avoid an accident and make it to your destination safely.

Most people remember to do things like put gas in the car and make sure that the tires are in good condition. While you're doing these things, inspect the brakes and lights to ensure that they are ready for the trip. You should also check the vehicle's fluid levels, including the oil and windshield wiper fluid.

Jackknifed trucks pose deadly dangers

If you have ever driven along an interstate and seen a jackknifed truck in the median or blocking the lanes of traffic, you may have come up on a very serious semitruck accident. In fact, jackknifing is one of the most hazardous accidents for the semitruck drivers and especially for the passenger vehicles that may be involved.

Big rigs typically jackknife when the semitruck's tire lose traction with the road surface. That's one reason why jackknifing is often considered to be a winter driving hazard.

Injured railroad workers may face a hard path to compensation

People who work for railroad companies across the nation have just as much of a right to a safe workplace as other workers. When a railroad employee suffers an injury at work, they aren't covered under workers' compensation for their medical care and other damages. Instead, they have to make a claim under the Federal Employers Liability Act, which was passed in 1908.

Making a FELA claim is a lot different than making a claim under the workers' compensation system. For example, workers' compensation claims don't require the worker to prove that the employer was negligent. A railway worker who is making a FELA claim will have to prove that the company's negligence contributed to the accident that caused the injury.

Important considerations for choosing a rehabilitation facility

A spinal cord injury can lead to lifelong changes to how you function on a daily basis. When your injury has left you paralyzed or having to learn how to carry out basic tasks again, you might need to move from the hospital into a rehabilitation facility before you go home.

A rehabilitation facility has the staff members and tools to help you during your recovery, but not all facilities are created equally. Trying to determine which one best fits your needs can be one of the more stressful things you'll have to do. Even if your family members handle most of these tasks, you may find that they are still challenging.

Multi-faceted therapy needed after traumatic brain injury

Many types of accidents can lead to traumatic brain injuries. In younger individuals, this might be due to risky behaviors. Elderly adults can suffer this type of injury because of falls. Regardless of the cause, living with a TBI is a challenge.

Each year, around 2.5 million people have a TBI. Many of these individuals will have to go through a rehabilitation program to help them learn how to live with the impacts of the injury or to re-learn skills that were forgotten because of the injury.

Wrongful death claims must include these elements

The tragic loss of a loved one is emotionally devastating. While you're dealing with those emotions, you also have to think about the financial impacts. These can add more stress to an already difficult situation. Dealing with the emotions can be a challenge but there are some legal options that might prove beneficial.

Some wrongful death cases are criminal, but these don't have any impact on the outcome of civil cases. Similar information might be present but there is a different standard of proof in civil cases than criminal ones.

Life-threatening issues can occur after a spinal cord injury

People who are involved in accidents will sometimes suffer a spinal cord injury. These injuries are associated with a host of life changes, especially when they involve permanent damage. Just getting the treatment for the spinal cord injury is a costly endeavor; however, there are often complications that arise for a person who's dealing with this.

Some of the complications that can occur are life-threatening. It's imperative that a person who has this type of injury remains vigilant so they can get the medical care they need right away if there is anything amiss. In some cases, proper care can reduce the chance of complications.

Heat can cause considerable issues for many workers

Working in a hot environment isn't for everyone. Those who are able to work in these conditions have likely built up a tolerance for the heat. It is imperative that companies that employ workers who will have to withstand these temperatures ensure their employees have the tools and protocol to help keep them safe.

Around 50% to 70% of outdoor fatalities that occur in the heat happen during the first few days of a person working in these conditions. This is because the body hasn't yet acclimated to the temperature. While some might associate temperature extremes with outdoor jobs, it's also possible to face them indoors.

Spring and summer driving tips to keep you safer

The spring and early summer months may require you to adjust your driving habits a little, especially if you were driving all winter. While you might not have to leave home as early as you do when it's snowing, you should still make sure that you leave plenty of time to get to your destination so you aren't rushed.

You also need to make sure that you're following some basic driving safety rules so that you don't contribute to an accident. While these might seem simple, they can go a long way toward keeping you safe.

What happens if you're partially responsible for the accident?

The circumstances that lead to major motor vehicle collisions in significant personal injuries aren't always straightforward when it comes to the assignment of fault or responsibility. It is possible for two or more parties to contribute directly to the circumstances that result in a significant crash.

Sometimes, everyone involved shares an equal amount of blame. Other times, although it's obvious one person is primarily responsible, other people involved in the crash may be partially responsible for the outcome.

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