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Daydreaming is a serious risk for people driving in Illinois

If you are like most people, you probably take the exact same route to work or school every day. You likely follow the same roads to your favorite grocery store and back home again each time you make the trip. Humans are creatures of habit, and knowing a route can make the drive less stressful for you during your commute.

Unfortunately, once you become familiar with a road, you are more likely to attempt to multitask or otherwise distract yourself from the very dangerous job of driving. Cognitive or internal distraction is one of the three serious forms of driver distraction.

Risks workers face near sewage and wastewater

Workers who are around human waste and wastewater need to have proper safety protocol in place. This is a dangerous job that may lead to serious health issues if those measures aren't followed. The environment in which they work has a big impact on what risks they face, but there are some present no matter what situation they are in.

It is easy to assume that the workers should be the ones who make the effort to remain safe, but the onus is actually on the employer. The entity that hired the employee is responsible for making sure that there are appropriate measures in place and that there is suitable equipment to keep people safe.

Tractors remain a leading cause of farm workers' deaths

Spring is almost here, and with it comes planting season. Large swathes of the Illinois population engage in agricultural endeavors. Individuals who are both longtime state residents, as well as those who travel from region to region for seasonal work, will put in countless hours before the end of the 2019 growing season.

In many ways, tractors are a major boon for the people who work on farms. Very difficult work that once had to be performed manually is now handled primarily by machines. Plowing, cutting hay, harvesting crops, planting seeds and many other tasks are much easier thanks to farm equipment and tractors.

Tips to keep workers safe in the sun

Many workers do their job duties in the sun. These people have some unique risks that aren't present for workers who are always inside. It is imperative that employers of these outdoor workers ensure that they have proper safety protocol in place.

There are some facets of working outside that can't be controlled. When creating a safety plan, employers should create instructions for a variety of conditions, including hot weather with full sun and cooler conditions with cloud cover.

Truckers and other factors may cause big rig wrecks

Semitruck wrecks can lead to devastating injuries and financial ruin for innocent victims. Some of these individuals might choose to take legal action to protect their finances after they are struck by a big rig. One factor that is important in these cases is the cause of the crash.

It is easy to assume that the trucker's negligence is at fault for a semitruck crash, but this isn't always the case. Other causes are common. In those cases, there may be more than one defendant from whom you are able to seek compensation.

An untreated head injury can destroy any worker’s job

No matter what you do in your line of work, you probably need the ability to think clearly and communicate well. A blow to the head can severely impact a person's ability to function in their job, even if the injury seems minor.

If you recently experienced a blow to the head while at work, you should make sure to seek a professional medical examination as soon as you can. Identifying and treating head injuries is not always simple, and, if left untreated, they may harm your professional and personal life in ways you cannot repair.

Common workplace accidents that span many industries

Workers face many risks on the job, even if they are in a profession that is considered relatively safe. Minimizing these hazards has to be a priority for employers and employees alike. Ultimately, the employees will count on the employers to ensure that they have what they need to stay out of harm's way.

It is imperative that companies remember the types of incidents listed below so they can take steps to protect workers. Not only can this prevent employees from having to deal with the negative impacts of an on-the-job injury, it also helps to preserve the company's assets since they won't have to worry about people missing work due to an accident.

3 common consturction hazards to watch for

As a construction worker in Illinois, you probably know that you have a dangerous job. But did you know that in 2009, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that greater than 9 percent of the 3.3 million reports of nonfatal injuries and illnesses were made by construction workers? With many other industries only making up one percent or less of these reports, this is a significant amount of incidents from one source.

Hazards on a construction site are extremely varied and seemingly endless. Even a simple task that you perform a hundred times per day might result in an injury that keeps you from working. By understanding the most common types of construction injuries, you can reduce your chances of suffering a workplace injury.

5 ways to prevent employee injuries in office settings

People often think that working in offices are "cushy jobs" that don't face any risks. They do have some very real hazards, though. For employers, setting a safety plan to minimize risks is necessary. On top of this, employees need to take steps to increase safety. Still, the responsibility falls on the employer to ensure that things are being done properly and that workers have the required tools to get their job duties done.

There are a few hazards that are common in offices, so these are a good place to start when an employer needs to check safety standards. Addressing these can go a long way toward helping workers to avoid injuries.

Driver exhaustion is a common cause for commercial truck crashes

There is no question that commercial trucking is a difficult and demanding career. Commercial drivers often have to work incredibly long shifts, potentially without any direct human interaction four hours at a time. Additionally, they often need to load and unload merchandise or supplies onto trailers, which can cause joint damage and back pain.

Even physically maintaining control over a big rig for hours at a time takes a physical toll. Back pain, shoulder pain and even carpal tunnel can result from the physical strain of steering, shifting and braking for hours.

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