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Common accidents that occur in workplaces

Workers deserve to have a safe space to work. While it is impossible for employers to remove every danger their employees will face, they can set protocol and work toward improving the safety of every worker.

There are some accidents that are more common than others. Thinking about these can help employers to reduce the chance of an employee suffering an on-the-job injury.

Drivers and cyclists must work together to stay safe

Motorists share the road with bicyclists on a regular basis. This is sometimes troubling because some drivers think of the cyclists as pedestrians instead of fellow vehicle operators sharing the road. Bicyclists must follow the rules of the road in the same way as motorized vehicles.

There are many ways that drivers can help to keep bicyclists safe. They can follow the basic rules of the road just like they are written. There is no room for deviation when safety is part of the equation.

Why is negligence important in a claim for compensation?

A person in a car wreck might suffer serious injuries. This can lead to needing considerable medical care. The financial aspect can negatively impact the victim and their household. They may opt to pursue a claim for compensation, which means that they need to ensure their case includes specific elements.

One of the things that needs to be shown is that there was an element of negligence involved in the crash. It isn't always easy, so working with someone who is knowledgeable about this is beneficial.

Handheld device ban for truckers is for public safety

It is no secret that drivers can't operate vehicles safely when they're distracted. While every distracted driver is a hazard to others on the roadways, truckers have very large and heavy vehicles to control. When they're distracted, even a simple error can turn catastrophic.

Everyone on the roads deserves to be a safe as possible. It is up to each driver, including truckers, to ensure that they are operating their vehicles with this in mind. By avoiding distractions, they can make a big difference on the nation's highways and local streets.

Fatigue is a problem for truck drivers: Here's why

Truck drivers are in charge of transporting many of the goods that people need around the country. They do a necessary job. The trouble is that truck drivers who are too tired could cause significant crashes that lead to injuries or deaths.

Truck driver fatigue has a few causes. Some may include:

  • Driving for a long period of time without a break.
  • Not getting enough sleep prior to a shift.
  • Taking medications that impact your ability to stay awake.
  • Driving when the body is naturally drowsy, fighting your circadian rhythm.
  • Medical conditions that cause insomnia or sudden bouts of exhaustion.
  • Extended work hours.
  • Strenuous activities at work or outside work.

Did you know that you can survive internal decapitation?

Internal decapitation is not something you've probably heard of before. Even if you have, it's a rare thing to hear about when you're thinking about accident survivors.

Shockingly, people can survive internal decapitation and may have few or no ill effects. While the majority of cases are fatal, some people get extremely lucky and survive this injury.

Are hernias compensable workers’ compensation injuries?

Various injuries can occur in workers who have to do heavy lifting. One of these is a hernia, which occurs when a weak spot or tear in a muscle enables the fatty tissue of an organ to push through it. It can cause symptoms like pain and a bulge in the affected area. The most common places for hernias include the belly button, the upper stomach, the inner groin and the outer groin.

The weakened tissue coupled with the pressure from the organ or fat can cause the hernia to pop out. Poor nutrition, obesity and smoking can all increase the chance of a hernia occurring. The injury might become more pronounced when you cough, sneeze, suffer from constipation or have diarrhea.

Spinal cord injury pain comes in many forms

Pain is a common symptom for people who have a spinal cord injury. Some of the many injuries associated with the spinal cord are resistant to the available therapies, which can mean that the person is subjected to pain for the rest of their life.

Trying to find a treatment that provides the most relief is done via trial and error. Sometimes, it involves many different types of management. This can include medication, thermal treatments, complimentary techniques and other options.

If you're hurt, don't speak with the insurance company

When you're involved in a traffic accident, it's important that you get medical care. Most people who have injuries know that insurance should get involved if the other party has this coverage. If they don't, you might have to work with your own underinsured or uninsured policy to get compensation for the accident.

In both cases, it's smart to allow your attorney to take the lead. Insurance companies aren't necessarily trying to be unfair, but they do want to save as much money as possible by getting you to settle. That's why having a person trained to negotiate on your side is a must.

How does stress affect you after an injury?

There is an understanding in the medical field that stress plays a major role in how an illness or injury is perceived. For example, someone who is in great health with little financial or social stress may recover well compared to someone who is injured and has no support and financial concerns. Stress puts a strain on the body, weakening immunity and stressing the body's muscles and joints.

Have you ever seen a person's eyes twitching when they talk to you? It could be due to stress. That's one of many common signs that stress is getting to someone and becoming overwhelming.

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