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What benefits does Illinois workers' compensation offer?

While some people say that owning your own home is the American dream, it's really so much more than that. The American dream is also the belief that anyone can make a living if they are willing and able to work and that workers deserve basic protections and rights. In many ways, the U.S. leads the world in improving conditions for workers and protecting their rights. One of the most important steps forward for workers was the creation of mandatory workers' compensation for insurance.

At the turn of the 20th century, workers in factories, mills and other dangerous locations risked life and limb when going to work. The same is still true for many professions today. However, a century ago, a work injury could destroy your life, impoverish your family and leave you unable to work. Employers could toss away injured or killed workers like they were nothing, so laws were put in place to protect workers. Modern employees have protection in the event of a work-related illness or a job site injury.

Beware of wildlife as weather transitions into colder months

The fall months are full of wildlife movement as the weather transitions from warm to cool. While this is a natural event, it is also a danger to motorists.

Anyone who is on the roadways, especially in rural areas, needs to know how to avoid these crashes. Here are some tips that might help you to stay safe during these times:

Watch for signs of drunk driving during the holiday season

Drunk drivers pose a hazard to people on the road, including innocent children and adults. As the holiday season marches on, the risk of drunk drivers increases with seasonal festivities. Some people don't plan very well when they are going out to party. They might assume that they will be fine to drive home, but this isn't usually the case.

Knowing the signs of a drunk driver might help you avoid being involved in a crash with that impaired driver. Here are some signs that you need to be aware of when you are driving:

Take appropriate steps after a big rig crash

Semitruck crashes are frightening events. When you are involved in one of these accidents, you need to make sure that you take appropriate action.

In the heat of the moment after the 18-wheeler crash, fear, uncertainty and stress might set in. Having a plan for handling this situation might help you to deal with it better.

Minimizing risks that barge workers face

Barges play an important role in this economy, but the workers on them face serious risks each time they get on the boats. Keeping these risks minimized increases safety for these workers.

The risks on barges range from wet conditions and choppy waters to heavy equipment used in the loading, unloading and movement of cargo. Here are some methods for employers and workers to improve barge safety:

Do you work as a nanny or maid? Is your employer insured?

If you work as a nanny or maid, you might find yourself driving your employer's children to school and other events. You might also find that you're running different errands for your employer, like buying groceries and doing other kinds of shopping.

Have you ever thought to consider what would happen if you got injured in a car accident during one of these sojourns? You might want to make sure that your employer is insured, and that the insurance covers your injuries. Double-checking on this could save your job and your relationship with your employer in the future.

Don’t make these common insurance claim mistakes

Many people believe that their insurance agent and insurance company have their best interests in mind. For this reason, they immediately turn to them following a motor vehicle accident.

While you'll need to bring your insurance company into the equation at some point, here's something to remember: You are under no obligation to talk to them about your accident.

Motorcycle accidents can occur all year long

The time for riding motorcycles is almost over for the season in southern Illinois. Even though some drivers might think that motorcycle riders aren't going to be on the roadways, they must still watch out for them because you never know when a biker will feel the need to hit the open road.

No matter when a motorcycle crash occurs, there is a good chance that the biker is going to suffer serious injuries. Some of these include head injuries and spinal cord injuries. Whether you are a biker or another motorist, here are some points you need to remember about motorcycles and accidents involving them:

Illinois workers' compensation: Frequently asked questions

Getting hurt at work is something that can seem like more than you can handle. Not only are you worried about how you are going to recover, but you are also worried about how you will make ends meet.

If you are injured while working in Illinois, you should be covered under your employer's workers' compensation policy. This can help you to get partial wage replacement and medical benefits while you recover.

Broken bones are never to be taken lightly

Many people suffer from broken bones each year. Although this is a rather common injury, that doesn't make it any easier to deal with. In fact, broken bones can cause tremendous pain and limit your mobility. You might be unable to work for a while after the injury.

There are several points you should know about broken bones. This information could help if you are ever in a situation where you have to deal with this type of serious fracture.

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