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Fatal car accident in Smithton leaves family mourning

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2011 | Car Accidents

In the most unfortunate of occurrences, a Smithton collision between two passenger cars ended in a fatality. Driving north on Highway 150, a 77-year-old female driver apparently drifted into the middle lane, and in doing so, sideswiped another car travelling in the opposite direction. The second car’s driver then lost control, causing her vehicle to careen into a ditch and flip over. The car’s driver, a 60-year-old woman, died at the scene. The driver’s involved in the car accident were from the neighboring towns of Belleville and Waterloo. The deceased woman was from Waterloo.

According to the police, the reason that the second driver crossed into the oncoming lane is yet to be determined. Reportedly, she received a citation for ‘improper lane usage.’

Given the facts before us, it seems that the driver’s negligent or reckless lane usage was the catalyst to the fatal car accident, and she may end up being held accountable after the police conclude their investigation.

No doubt the family of the deceased woman is overcome with heartache and grief during this time of loss. However, at some point they may wish to seek compensation for their loss. While no amount of money can bring back the life of a loved one tragically killed, other losses can occur due to a motor vehicle accident. Perhaps the woman was driving the only family car, which is undoubtedly now destroyed. What about any wages she may contribute to her household? She more than likely had some medical or ambulance bills at the end, not to mention funeral expenses. How will these be covered, especially if the family wasn’t financially prepared for such expenses?

A lawyer can aid in answering these questions from a legal perspective and then present them to a court of law in a statement of claim. Some lawyers in the personal injury practice area concentrate on the legal minutiae of car accidents, and this is the type of lawyer that the deceased woman’s family — and others in similarly tragic circumstances may consider retaining.

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