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Parents of infant injured in car accident initiate lawsuit

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2011 | Car Accidents

It can be devastating to parents when their child is injured in a car accident, especially when the child is only a 1-year-old infant. Even more difficult is the ability to makes immediate assessments of the extent of the injuries for a child who is incapable of articulating their pain. Sometimes the parents of a small child may not suspect any physical damage until the child becomes older. Regardless of age, injuries from a car accident for any individual is not always as apparent as a cut on the face or a broken bone.

This past August, a St. Clair County couple filed a claim against the driver of an SUV, who they allege rear-ended them 2-years-ago. The claim is on behalf of their minor daughter, who was allegedly hurt in the car accident. The couple is requesting compensation for their medical expenses and court costs in the amount of $200,000.

The accident occurred near the intersection of Frank Scott Parkway and Highway 159 in Fairview Heights in September 2009. The couple says that the driver of the SUV crashed into the back of their vehicle as they approached the intersection. The couple’s then 1-year-old daughter was hurt as a result of the car accident. The couple is specifically accusing the SUV driver of negligence, failing to pay attention, failing to drive at a reasonable speed, and lastly for failing to avoid the rear-end collision. The claim was filed in the St. Clair County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit will make its way through the court. The couple has already retained legal counsel, who will help them with understanding the often complicated Illinois legal system. Effective legal counsel is vital in cases like this where a minor has been injured and is unable to bring a suit on his or her own behalf. Anyone contemplating a similar suit in St. Clair County may benefit from speaking to an experienced attorney, who may help in ensuring that full and fair compensation is obtained.

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