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St. Louis truck driver loses life in fiery crash on I-70

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2012 | Truck Accidents

An Illinois interstate was closed on March 17 for approximately 10 hours after two semi-trucks crashed. The fiery truck accident occurred on Interstate 70 near Brownstown in Fayette County. Sadly, one driver died, and the other was seriously injured in the collision.

The accident happened when one of the men, who had stopped his truck to correct an equipment malfunction, attempted to re-enter traffic from the right shoulder. As the truck moved onto the road, it was hit by the other tractor-trailer from behind. The impact caused the second truck to burst into flames, trapping its driver inside.

The victim’s son, who was driving yet another semi behind his father’s, rushed to try and pull him from the burning vehicle but was unable to do so. The fire overtook him, and the St. Louis man was declared dead at the scene.

The driver of the first truck also suffered serious injuries and was taken to Fayette County Hospital. His exact condition was unknown at the time of a local news report.

Authorities are still investigating the truck accident. As of now, the driver of the first truck has been cited for failure to yield when merging with traffic. As authorities work to determine a more specific cause for the truck accident, the surviving family members of the deceased driver may begin to consider filing a civil claim. It would appear the cited driver is at fault for the collision, and a wrongful death claim may be an option for the family of the deceased man to obtain some form of compensation for their immense loss.

Readers in Belleville know that driving on Illinois roads late at night can involve mixing with large trucks as they precariously negotiate the roadways. Drivers of these trucks occasionally have difficulty seeing other motorists who may be exiting and entering the roads. But because of the size of their vehicles, truck drivers are held to a higher standard of driving safety. When those standards aren’t met, too often a tragic accident changes lives forever.

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