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Improper lane usage cited in Illinois accident that injures 6

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2012 | Car Accidents

A recent car accident in the northern part of the state brings up some important considerations for Southern Illinois residents who have been injured in multi-vehicle accidents. Police say that four drivers were involved in the crash, which ultimately sent six people to local hospitals. The vehicles involved in the multi-car crash collided almost simultaneously, and authorities have treated the collisions as one car accident.

According to a news report, a car headed eastbound on an Illinois highway apparently crossed the center line and struck an approaching vehicle. Following this initial collision, another car hit the second vehicle from behind. Then a fourth vehicle also entered into the mix. The drivers of all of the vehicles, along with two passengers, were taken away from the scene for medical treatment.

While the full extent of the parties’ injuries wasn’t disclosed in a news report, it was stated that the injuries suffered by the occupants of the fourth vehicle were the most serious.

Illinois police investigated the accident and issued a citation to the driver who apparently crossed the center line into oncoming traffic. Authorities also said the investigation was closed by the issuance of the traffic citation. However, in an accident that involves multiple vehicles, many factors can come into play. Fault would seem to lie with the cited driver, but a closer look may reveal negligent driving on the part of more than one person.

To be sure, all parties involved in a multi-vehicle crash may want to review the official accident report to determine more precisely what their rights and responsibilities are under Illinois law. For instance, under personal injury law, victims can pursue civil claims for damages when personal injuries were caused by another person’s negligent or reckless behavior.

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