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One Illinois car accident leads to 2 more on I-94

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2012 | Car Accidents

Several people were injured recently on an Illinois roadway when a string of crashes happened. At least one car accident ended with a woman being ejected from a car. She reportedly suffered injuries that have been described as serious. Others involved in the collisions received minor injuries. It was reported that two women were hospitalized.

The string of car accidents on I-94 occurred in both the northbound and southbound lanes. As cars in the southbound lanes slowed to view the first car accident which occurred in the northbound lanes, an additional collision occurred. The third collision involved a drunk driver who is accused of crashing his car into vehicles that had slowed due to the second accident in the northbound lanes. The accused drunk driver was being pursued by local police at the time that he collided with the slowed cars.

The victims of the crashes that were injured came from all three of the car accidents, though the extent varies. No mention was made as to whether police will conduct an additional investigation into these three car accidents. If they do, they may rely on witness statements from travelers in both the northbound and southbound lanes since collisions happened in both.

Illinois victims of a multiple car accident such as those that took place on I-94 recently often suffer severe injuries. In such cases, these victims may face weeks or even months of recovery time before they can return to their normal lives. This recovery time may be taxing both financially and emotionally. When this is the case, the victims of an accident may seek to discover if they can recover some of the costs of recovery. Seeking a civil suit such as a personal injury claim may provide monetary compensation as well as hold accountable the person responsible for the injuries.

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