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Fatal Illinois 2-car accident ends life of driver

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2012 | Wrongful Death

Authorities have released few details in a fatal crash that took place recently on an Illinois highway. The car accident happened when a passenger car and a pickup truck collided on Route 6 in Channahon. The force of the impact caused the car to either roll or flip onto its side.

The driver of the car was killed in the car accident. The pickup driver was also injured and taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. The severity of his injuries were not detailed in early reports.

Illinois police are conducting an investigation to determine the events that led to the fatal car accident. As a part of this inquiry, they will likely seek to speak with any available eyewitnesses. In addition, a police aircraft was enlisted to fly over the collision scene. The photographs taken will assist authorities as they work to recreate the conditions that led to the fatal crash.

In a car accident of this type, it often takes time for authorities to make a determination of the details of the crash. Once the investigation is complete, they may be able to determine which party was at fault in the collision. This information can be useful to car accident victims and their survivors, should they decide to pursue a civil suit to recover damages sustained in the accident. As the investigation moves forward, those involved in the crash as well as the family of the deceased driver would be wise to investigate their options. A successful civil suit can not only assist with the high cost of medical expenses or final arrangements, it can also provide a sense of justice for victims and their families.

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