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Illinois car accident injures several city workers

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2012 | Car Accidents

An Illinois fall festival was marred recently when four people were injured after a local event. The men were reportedly at work cleaning up the festival site when a drunk driver allegedly caused a car accident involving the city workers. At last report, one of the injured workers remained hospitalized in critical condition, while others had been treated and released. Illinois law may allow the injured men to pursue a personal injury claim should evidence indicate that the third-party driver was negligent in causing or contributing to this accident.

According to authorities, the man driving the vehicle that struck the truck carrying the city workers was doing so while under the influence of alcohol. That man was taken to an area hospital, although he refused to be treated for whatever injuries he may have suffered in the collision. He was arrested soon after, but posted bond and was released by the police. Unfortunately, however, at least one of the city workers was not so lucky and remains in the hospital for treatment of his traumatic injuries.

The alleged drunk driver is now facing criminal charges of driving under the influence and failing to reduce speed in order to avoid an accident. Police are apparently still investigating the accident in order to ascertain the facts surrounding the collision. One thing that seems to be clear, however, is that this accident has seriously impacted the lives of these city workers and their families.

An individual who is found to have caused a car accident in Illinois may find that they are also liable to the injured victims of the crash. This liability could include not only the costs of recovery and damages, but also payments for lost wages or pain and suffering. If available, the injured victims could be able to use local personal injury laws to seek recovery for their economic losses caused by the car accident.

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