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Car accident claims life of 1 Illinois woman and injures another

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2012 | Car Accidents

Car accidents can prove devastating for those who have to deal with their aftereffects. One Illinois car crash ended the life on a local woman recently. The 65-year-old was in the back seat of a car being driven by another woman when she was killed. The car accident happened in Madison County on a fall afternoon.

Police believe that the now-deceased victim was a passenger in a car that had either slowed or come to a stop at an Illinois intersection. The car had the green light at the time of the car accident. At the intersection, a pickup truck slammed into the back of the vehicle.

The victim died at the scene of the crash. The drivers of both involved vehicles were taken to local hospitals for medical treatment. Initial reports did not immediately make clear the degree of injury suffered by those drivers.

Police arrested the driver of the pickup and charged him with crimes such as failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash and driving with a suspended license. Should an investigation reveal that the pickup driver bears fault in this accident, the driver may discover that he is not only at risk for criminal liability, but that he is also civilly liable for the injuries and death of his victims. Under personal injury laws, the claims made by the victim and their survivors can include lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. These damages may be asserted under local personal injury laws and could result in the victims being able to at least recover financially from such a tragic car accident.

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