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Illinois car accident leaves at least two in critical condition

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2012 | Car Accidents

Details of a serious Illinois crash were few in the immediate aftermath of the incident. Illinois police are investigating to determine exactly what happened to cause three cars to be involved in a car accident on the Eisenhower Expressway. The crash occurred in the inbound direction as people began to enter the city in the early morning commute.

The Illinois car accident ended with serious injury to at least four victims. Two were said to be in critical condition after the crash. Another two victims suffered injuries that left them in fair condition at a local medical facility.

Because the incident is still being investigated, it is uncertain which of the people involved in the crash was responsible for its occurrence. However, discovering this fact may be one of the main intents of the official inquiry. To make this determination, officials will likely use a myriad of tools, including witness interviews and scientific review of evidence such as skid marks.

What is certain is that there were several people involved in this car accident that suffered injuries to their person. Those who were hurt in the crash may now be facing lengthy recovery times, lost wages and considerable medical costs. This is often the case for victims of such car accidents. When an individual suffers a severe injury in a wreck, they may be able to use personal injury laws to recover some of their economic costs associated with the wreck. Though not always available to every victim, in many cases victims can recover what they have lost financially, even though it may difficult to recover emotionally from such an event.

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