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5 car accident on an Illinois highway; 1 driver at fault?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2012 | Car Accidents

As drivers get behind the wheel of their vehicles each day, they may not realize the impact that their choices could have on other drivers. In this particular case, one driver took a course of action that eventually affected five other vehicles. The car accident took place in Oswego, Illinois, and appears to have been caused by driver negligence. The incident forced a shutdown of a major highway that lasted for several hours.

The accident occurred during rush hour on Route 30. Police reports indicate that a driver did not reduce her speed in sufficient time to avoid crashing into the car in front of her. An unfortunate chain reaction followed, resulting in a multi-vehicle accident that involved five cars. The total property damage from the accident is estimated to be more than $1,500.

One person was injured and transported to a local hospital to be treated for various injuries. The condition of the injured driver is unknown as of the time of this report. No other drivers were sent to the hospital in the aftermath of the accident. However, in many cases injuries associated with a car crash do not become apparent until days or weeks following the impact. The driver who allegedly caused the accident has been charged with failure to slow down to avoid the accident.

It is sobering to realize the impact that one driver can have on the lives of so many people. One brief moment of negligence and inattention can cause serious repercussions. In this case, those who were impacted by this Illinois car accident may benefit from seeking legal advice as they deal with the financial, emotional, and physical consequences of the wreck. A personal injury lawsuit could help them to recover costs associated with medical treatment, property damage or time lost from work in the aftermath of the incident.

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