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Illinois truck accident causes injury to all involved

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2012 | Truck Accidents

Illinois police have been unable to speak with the driver of a truck that was in a crash recently due to the fact that he was transported to the hospital with injuries after the incident. However, while they wait for the man from the truck accident to recover, they are continuing to investigate the cause of the incident. As a part of their inquiry, one report indicates that police will measure distances in an effort to determine why the truck driver lost control of his vehicle.

The truck accident happened on an Illinois roadway one recent fall afternoon. A truck was travelling north of Galesburg when it crossed over to the opposite shoulder on the road and struck a guardrail. As it continued to travel, the truck struck an overpass before coming to a stop.

The truck accident caused injuries to both the driver of the vehicle and his passenger. Both were taken to a local hospital with injuries. The severity of their injuries was unclear from initial reports about the truck accident.

As the investigation continues into this truck accident, Illinois police may find that it was the actions of the driver, or lack thereof, which caused the injury crash. If that is the case, the driver may face personal injury liability for the suffering of his passenger. This liability may include not only the damages caused, but also lost wages and pain and suffering. Though not always available to the victim of a truck accident, in many cases where injuries are severe a victim can seek a claim under personal injury laws.

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