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Illinois workers’ compensation may be of use to surviving family

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2012 | Workers' Compensation

An Illinois mine that employs about 460 people shut down recently after a tragic accident. The fatal accident happened to a young worker at the facility as he worked on machinery. Now, his family is left to mourn and to consider whether filing a claim with the state workers’ compensation program could help them recover the economic losses that they have suffered as a result of this incident.

The 30-year-old Illinois mine worker was pinned by machinery that he had been using while on the job. The young man was caught between the machine and the coal rib when he was killed. It is unclear if the machinery was underground at the time of the fatal accident.

Officials with the company that employed the now-deceased man and Illinois state investigators are reviewing the details of the fatal accident. As they do, they are seeking answers as to why the man was pinned by the machinery that he was using. They have determined that the mine should remain closed until the results of the inquiry are returned. This information may also prove useful to the survivors of the man, who may seek to make a claim to the state workers’ compensation program at some point.

Meanwhile, the family of the victim of this unfortunate accident must mourn the loss of their loved one. In addition to the emotional damage this accident may have caused, it may also be the case that the survivors have lost economically as well. This may mean that a claim to the workers’ compensation program of our state could be in order as the survivors attempt to determine just how they can make ends meet now that one of their members has perished in the work-related accident.

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