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Car accident on Illinois street injures 4 people

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2013 | Car Accidents

A car accident on an Illinois roadway left four people injured over the recent holiday period. The single-car accident ended with all of those who were in the car being transported to area hospitals, where they were reported to have suffered injuries listed as ranging from fair to critical. It is unclear which of the injured victims of the crash was the driver of the vehicle involved.

According to a report, the car accident happened when the vehicle was travelling just east of Michigan Avenue in Chicago. The driver of the car, for reasons that are unclear at this time, struck a light pole. The violence of the impact caused the light above the wreck to come loose from its mount and hang over the crash below it.

The victims of the crash will likely face an extended period of recovery after the car accident. This is due to the severity of their injuries, especially those in critical condition after the incident. As they work to recover, they may seek to discover if the driver of the vehicle involved in the incident was at fault for their injuries.

In cases of a car accident such as this one in Illinois, victims are often able to make a claim for their damages against the driver at fault for the wreck. Though such a claim is not always available, it can be in some cases where victims have suffered serious injury to their person. The claims can be often made against an allegedly negligent driver using local personal injury laws that can provide an avenue for victims to recover some of the damages that they suffered in a wreck.

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