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Illinois car accident ends with serious injury to 5 people

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2013 | Car Accidents

Car accidents often happen without warning, and can leave people struggling to pay for medical bills due to injuries suffered in a collision. An Illinois roadway was the site of one such injury crash that happened recently. The car accident occurred when a van hit an SUV. The crash occurred in the late evening and ended with injuries to five people.

Early reports indicate that the vehicles involved in the car accident were in East Garfield Park at the time of the incident. It appears that when the vehicles came into contact during the crash, one of them rolled over. The impact of the crash led five people to be taken to local hospitals for medical care.

The five injured victims of the car accident were first listed in critical condition after the crash. Later their conditions were listed as stable by the hospitals. It is unclear how long the recovery process will take before those involved in this injury car accident are able to return to their normal lives.

Like many who find that they have been injured in a car accident in Illinois, those involved in this crash may be facing extended recovery times and major injuries. If this is the case, the victims of the crash may wish to consider if a personal injury claim is available against the individual who is found to have been at fault for the incident. This liability for the at-fault driver could include the costs of medical care, lost wages and pain and suffering, among other damages. Though such claims are not always available in car accident cases, when there are severe injuries that have occurred as a result of the actions of a driver, victims may find that personal injury laws can benefit them as they work to recover.

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