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Illinois car accident leaves nine people injured

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2013 | Car Accidents

A total of nine people suffered injuries recently on an Illinois roadway when they were involved in a crash. The car accident happened when one vehicle carrying seven people came into contact with another car. Though no one died as a result of the incident, many suffered injuries that required medical assistance at a local hospital.

According to a report, the car accident occurred when one driver was travelling on Illinois 40. Because of icy winter road conditions, the driver lost control of her vehicle. She crossed into on-coming traffic, striking another vehicle carrying seven passengers in addition to the driver.

It is unclear to what degree the victims of this car accident suffered injuries. However, all required transport to a local medical facility. In most such cases, injured victims will have their injuries assessed and be rendered the care necessary to address their specific medical needs.

When a car accident such as this one occurs in our state, police often conduct an investigation with the intent of learning exactly what happened to cause the incident. This information is also used to assess fault for an accident. Such fault can establish if a victim of a car accident is able to make a claim against the person at fault under our state’s personal injury laws.

Personal injury claims can offer victims an opportunity to seek damages for the injuries that they suffered in a car accident. These damages can include the costs of medical care, recovery expenses and lost wages. Though not available in every car accident case, when victims suffer injury due to the actions of another person, they are often able to seek damages using personal injury laws.

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