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Illinois car accident happens when car stalls on roadway

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2013 | Car Accidents

A recent collision in Illinois demonstrates how important it is for drivers to always keep their eyes on the road while their vehicle is in motion. The car accident occurred on southbound Illinois 47 in Morris late on a weeknight. The driver who caused the accident claimed to have looked away from the road just before the crash.

The car accident occurred when one driver’s car stalled in the right lane on the Illinois roadway. As she was calling for help, another car travelling on the same road smashed into the rear of her stalled vehicle. The violent impact ended in the injury to both of the drivers and a passenger. The nature of their injuries was not reported, but all three were taken to the hospital.

The driver who crashed into the stalled car reported to police that she was looking down at her speedometer just prior to the collision. As a result of the incident, she was given a traffic citation for failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident. In addition, the driver may also find that she is liable to the victims under our state’s personal injury laws.

Illinois personal injury laws are intended to help the victims of a car accident with their recovery. A successfully litigated case can award compensation for such damages as pain and suffering, medical costs and lost wages. Not every accident victim can make a personal injury claim, but in many cases, those who have been injured can use the laws to help recover financially from a crash.

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