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Illinois car accident causes severe injury, death

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2013 | Car Accidents

Illinois officials are continuing to investigate a horrific crash that happened recently. In the fatal car accident, two small kids died. Several others, including their mother, suffered injury that required medical assistance.

According to a report, the kids were in a car with the mother as it travelled on Illinois State Route 152. For reasons that are unclear, she lost control of her vehicle, which crossed over the centerline of the road. There, she smashed head-on into another car containing a young woman and two additional small children.

The driver of the car that was hit suffered serious injury. The good news, if here is any in this incident, is that the children in her car were able to be released from the hospital shortly after the incident. The relationship between the kids and the driver of that car is unknown at this time.

The victims of the car accident in this case may be able to seek a claim for their injuries under Illinois personal injury laws. This is the case for the driver and passengers in the car that was hit head-on as they were injured due to the apparently negligent actions of the other driver involved in the car accident. A claim could assert that damages such as lost wages and pain and suffering were suffered as a result of the crash. If such a claim is successful, the victims of the car accident could find that they are able to recover, at least economically, from the costs of this fatal incident.

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