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Illinois car accident kills man

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2013 | Car Accidents

Early reports of a fatal collision on an Illinois road say that a man died as a result of the injuries that he sustained in the incident. The car accident happened in Northbrook during the early afternoon hours of a mid-week day. The incident appears to have involved at least two vehicles.

Officials say that a driver was in a pickup truck on the Illinois road travelling west when he came into contact with another car that had been going in the eastbound direction. The eastbound car was attempting to make a left hand turn when it was struck. As a result of the impact, the pickup truck rolled and ran into a nearby light pole. In addition, the car that the pickup hit spun out of control and struck other vehicles on the road at the time of the car accident. The crash ended the life of the passenger in the pickup truck.

Now an investigation into the details of the car accident is occurring. As it does, police will likely work to discover exactly what happened that resulted in the fatal car accident. Additional details of the crash may be released as the inquiry ends.

In car accident cases such as this one, survivors of the deceased victim and others often seek to decide if they will be able to make a claim for the damages that were caused during this incident under our state’s personal injury laws. Such a claim could help victims and their survivors with the economic costs associated with the crash. They may be available due to the severity of the injuries caused by the actions of the driver deemed to have been at fault for the car accident.

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