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Illinois car accident injures 4 people

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2013 | Car Accidents

A tragic crash has sent four people to an Illinois hospital. The car accident took place on a weekday afternoon in Quincy. The incident ended with the drivers of both cars involved in the crash being ticketed for traffic violations.

An early report from Illinois officials states that the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the car accident stopped at a stop sign just prior to entering an intersection and smashing into another car. It is unclear if driver of the vehicle that struck the other car saw the on-coming vehicle before entering the intersection. However, that driver now faces a charge of failing to obey the stop sign.

All of the people in the vehicles involved in the car accident suffered injury in the crash. Though no details were available as to the degree of injury suffered, each was taken to the hospital for medical care. Now they must work to recover from the injuries that they suffered as a result of the driver failing to stop at the stop sign.

In Illinois car accident cases such as this one, the driver deemed to be at fault for causing the injuries to victims often finds that they must answer to personal injury claims for monetary damages occasioned by for their actions. Victims who have been injured can make claims for economic damages such as pain and suffering, the costs of medical care and lost wages. In order to determine if a victim is able to make such a claim, they may find it beneficial to gather the facts and make an assessment of the applicable laws as they apply to the accident in which they were involved before entering into the personal injury claim process.

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