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Illinois car accident takes life of young teen girl

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2013 | Car Accidents

A traffic crash happened on an Illinois street recently that led to the death of a young woman. The 17-year-old girl died while being treated at an area hospital for injuries suffered in the car accident. The incident happened early on a weekend morning.

Illinois officials believe that the young girl was walking in the roadway just prior to the car accident. As she walked, she was struck by a car driven by a 21-year-old man. The impact resulted in the fatal injuries that took her life just days later.

Police believe that the girl was at a party in Park Forest just prior to the incident. However, few other details into the car accident have yet been published. These may come later as officials continue to investigate the fatal incident in an effort to determine exactly what happened that morning.

In many cases such as this one, the driver of the vehicle involved in a fatal car accident is at fault for the incident. When this is the case, that individual sometimes finds that they are liable to the injured victims for their actions, in addition to any criminal charges they may face. This liability comes through the proper application of Illinois personal injury laws and can include lost wages, costs of recovery and pain and suffering. A surviving family can often make claims for monetary damages against the driver deemed to be at fault for the death of a loved one in a car accident. A full review of all applicable laws and procedures can assist victims and/or their survivors in determining what claims are available after a fatal crash.

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