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Illinois car accident leads farmer to many months of recovery

On Behalf of | May 28, 2013 | Car Accidents

Spring in Illinois brings the planting and growing seasons for our state’s farmers. It also can bring an increased number of car accident cases involving farm equipment, such as a tractor. That is why one local man is stressing the need for people to be aware that such slow moving vehicles are on our roadways.

The man, an Illinois farmer, was involved in a crash that caused him severe injury. As he was travelling near Quincy on his tractor late one evening, a car came up behind him. Though the tractor had proper lighting, the car smashed into the back of it.

The violent impact of the car accident tossed the man from the tractor. He landed in a nearby field, but suffered injuries that included broken ribs, a broken ankle and cuts and bruises. It took him more than 6 months and several operations to return to normal activities.

Car accident victims often find that they, like the man on the tractor in this case, have injuries that are severe enough to require a great deal of time for recovery. When that is the case, a claim for personal injury may be an appropriate and necessary form of legal relief. A successfully litigated claim can lead to an award for damages that can help to pay for the costs associated with recovery and medical treatment. This money also can help make ends meet during the recovery period as a victim who was injured through no fault of their own tries to return to a normal life.

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