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Illinois car accident leads to injury to 1 person

On Behalf of | May 6, 2013 | Car Accidents

An Illinois intersection that is the site of more car crashes than almost any other intersection in the state was the place where yet another crash occurred. The car accident was in Buffalo Grove and closed a local roadway for a short time. Now, officials are working to investigate the injury incident.

Early indications from Illinois officials note that there were two cars involved in the car accident. The crash began when one car was attempting to make a turn in front of an on-coming vehicle. The vehicle smashed into the car. The impact caused injury to at least one person, who had to be taken to a local hospital for medical care with injuries that included facial abrasions and a leg injury.

The investigation into the car accident is being conducted by local authorities and likely will include a review of all available evidence at the scene. This may include skid marks or any debris from the vehicles involved. It is also common in such cases for police to question eyewitnesses to a car accident.

When a person finds that they have been injured in a car accident such as this one, their first focus is typically on recovering from their physical injuries. Once they begin that process, they may determine that they require financial relief in order to pay for escalating medical bills and other expenses. That may be possible through a successfully navigated claim under our state’s personal injury laws. Such a claim is often available to those who have been injured in a car accident where the evidence suggests that the accident was caused by the negligence of another party.

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