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Illinois car accident ends in drowning for its victims

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2013 | Car Accidents

A tragic incident left two people dead by the side of an Illinois roadway recently. The car accident that claimed their lives happened in the early hours of a weekend morning in Pike County. Now, local officials are working to find answers as to why the two victims died.


According to an early report, the now-deceased victims were in a vehicle that was travelling on State Route 106 in the eastbound direction. At the time of the single-car accident, the driver lost control of her vehicle. It veered off of the highway, landing in a reservoir drainage area that was near the side of the road.

It is unclear exactly why the driver left the roadway that fateful morning. What is known ails that the victims were unable to leave their car before perishing from their injuries. Officials assert that he pair may have drowned.


In a car accident case such as the one that happened in this case, victims in Illinois often find that they are able to make a claim against the driver that caused them injury. When, as happened here, both the victim and the driver at fault died in the incident, it is their estates that must work to determine of a personal injury claim is available. If it is, the estate of the driver may find that it is liable for the wrongful death of the man who died in the reservoir due to the driver losing control of the vehicle in which he was riding.


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