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Illinois car accident injures several people

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2013 | Car Accidents

Four people suffered injury recently after an incident occurred on an Illinois roadway. The injured were involved in a car accident that occurred in the late evening hours of a weekday on Illinois Highway 142. Three of the victims suffered injuries that were serious enough that they had to be transported to local hospitals by medical personnel.

According to a report from Illinois officials, a car being driven by a young woman was travelling westbound on the road when the car accident happened. As she travelled, she was struck by a car that had been in the eastbound lanes. Witnesses to the crash say that the eastbound car did not have its headlights on at the time of impact.

Illinois officials are continuing to investigate the incident in an attempt to learn just why the car accident happened and why the driver failed to turn on his headlights before causing the crash. This effort will likely include seeking with the eyewitnesses who saw the incident happen. The results of the investigation could mean criminal charges for the driver who caused the injury incident.

In many car accident cases like this one, victims find that they face high financial costs associated with medical care and the time for recovery. When this is the case, they may wish to seek a personal injury claim against the driver who caused their injury using Illinois laws. In these instances, claims can include lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages. Any money awarded can help a victim return to their lives after a crash.

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