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Illinois car accident claim life of young man on I-88

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2013 | Car Accidents

Six people suffered injury and one man died recently on an Illinois roadway. The deadly car accident that claimed the life happened in the early afternoon of a weekday. The deceased victim was a passenger in the only vehicle involved in the crash.

According to Illinois officials, a van was on Interstate 88 in Whiteside County when the car accident happened. The van contained at least seven people. It appears that those in the vehicle were members of the band, Dark Seas.

Just prior to the car accident, officials believe that the driver of the van fell asleep. This caused the vehicle to veer off of the roadway, traveling approximately 1,000 feet before coming to a rest. When it stopped, the van was on its side after having rolled over during the crash. The deceased victim was thrown from the vehicle during the crash. It is this ejection that caused the injuries that ended the 19-year-olds life.

Those that were injured in the single car accident were taken to local area hospitals for treatment of their injuries. It is not clear the degree to which they suffered. What is clear is that they, along with the survivors of the deceased victim, may be able to make a claim against the driver of the van under Illinois personal injury laws. These laws are intended to assist victims, at least financially, with the costs associated with this type of car accident. In this matter, the driver may find that he is liable due to the fact that his falling asleep ended with injury and death to those who were in the van with him at the time of the crash.

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