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Illinois motorcycle accident ends life of local woman

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

An Illinois couple suffered a horrible fate as a result of a crash that happened recently on a weekday afternoon. The two involved in the motorcycle accident were on a Harley Davidson when the incident occurred. When it ended, one woman was dead and her husband had suffered injury.

According to early reports from Illinois officials, the couple was travelling on Illinois 16 just prior to the motorcycle accident. The driver of the motorcycle slowed his vehicle to make a turn into a parking lot near US 51. As he did, the driver of a tractor-trailer truck that was behind him failed to anticipate the slowing.

The large truck smashed into the rear of the motorcycle. The violent impact caused both people on the Harley Davidson to be ejected. The woman passenger died at the scene. Her husband was taken to St. John’s hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. They were described as non-life threatening.

Illinois police are continuing to investigate the unfortunate motorcycle accident. As they do, they may decide to file criminal charges against the driver of the tractor-trailer. In addition, that man may also find that he is liable to the surviving victim and the family of the deceased woman under our state’s personal injury laws, a liability finding could result in a claim being made for wrongful death and damages. Such a claim, though it could never replace the woman that was lost, could assist survivors with the recovery of, at least, the economic costs of the tragic crash.

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