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Illinois motorcycle accident injures 2 people

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Two people are in an Illinois hospital with serious injuries after a recent incident. The motorcycle accident that sent them to the hospital for medical care happened in Peoria on a weekend afternoon. Now, local officials are working to determine if any criminal charges will be made as a result of this incident.

According to early reports, the motorcycle accident happened on East War Memorial Drive. A car appears to have been speeding as it travelled west on the roadway. For reason that are still being determined, the driver of the car lost control, striking another vehicle.

As the crash continued, the car crossed into on-coming traffic where it struck a motorcycle. It was the people on the motorcycle who suffered the most severe injuries in the accident. The good news is that they are expected to survive their injuries. Illinois police say that others involved, including the driver of the car that caused the crash, attempted to flee the scene of the motorcycle accident on foot.

In addition to potential criminal charges that could come as a result of this motorcycle accident, the driver of the car who caused the crash may find that he is also liable under our state’s personal injury laws. Such liability could include the costs associated with the suffering of victims and of their recovery. In many cases like this one, victims find that they are able to recover at least some of what they lost through personal injury claims, though the physical recovery can be much longer for some.

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