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Illinois motorcycle accident injures two young men

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Most people in Illinois would agree that it is always a tragedy when a life is lost. This is especially true in cases where the life lost is that of a young person. Unfortunately, this is what happened recently when a motorcycle accident occurred in a high school parking lot in the Crete.

According to early reports from Illinois officials, two young men, aged 18 and 19-years-old, were lost in the motorcycle accident. Though the incident is still the subject of investigation, it appears that the crash happened when the teenage victims were riding a motorcycle in a high school parking lot. For reasons that are of yet unclear, the driver of the motorcycle lost control just prior to the crash.

The investigation into the fatal motorcycle accident will likely include a review of available physical and eye witness evidence. Such investigations often include a review of any surveillance tapes that may exist and skid marks. It is this type of information that can lead police to make a determination as that what happened and who was at fault when this type of incident occurs.

In addition to the official investigation, it is also likely that the victim of the crash who was not at the wheel when the motorcycle accident happened may seek t make a claim using our state’s personal injury laws. Such a claim could include the costs associated with the crash, including nay lost wages or pain and suffering. The rules that apply to such a claim can be complicated as they relate to fault, thus it can be good idea for a victim to review the laws and seek information from experienced professional before beginning the process.

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