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Illinois car accident ends lives of 2 young people

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2013 | Car Accidents

Illinois officials have been called in to investigate a recent fatal crash that occurred in the Brooklyn, Illinois area. The car accident claimed the lives of two young people and injured two others. The crash happened in the early morning hours of a weekend day.

According to a report by Illinois police, one of the cars involved in the crash contained three women, two of whom were cousins. The women had been celebrating a birthday and were on their way to a local strip club just prior to the crash. As their car entered a curve on Route 3, they collided head-on with an on-coming vehicle.

The vehicle that they hit was a minivan being driven by a young man. It appears form early reports that the minivan crossed the centerline, causing the fatal car accident. It is unclear just why the driver left his lane, and officials are looking for evidence to answer that question. Part of their investigation may include speaking with survivors and reviewing physical evidence such as skid marks.

In car accident cases such as this one, it is common for victims to seek to recover some of their losses using Illinois personal injury laws. These laws can also be used when victims die, as is the unfortunate case here. Surviving family members can make a claim against the driver at fault that includes wrongful death. In addition, those that were lucky enough to live after this crash may include claims for lost wages, pain and suffering and other financial losses. The money awarded can assist those who have suffered in a car accident with the costs associated with their loss and recovery.

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