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Illinois car accident leads to injury for teenagers

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2013 | Car Accidents

Four teenagers were in a car that was involved in a serious incident on an Illinois roadway recently. As a result of the car accident, all four teens were injured. One boy is said to have suffered physical damages resulting in his being listed in critical condition by local authorities.

According to a report, the teenage driver of the vehicle involved in the car accident was travelling westbound on Columbia Terrace in Peoria just prior to the crash. For reasons that remain unclear, the young driver lost control of her vehicle, sending it across the road and into on-coming lanes. As the incident continued, the car smashed into a parked car on the side of the road.

The impact was so violent that those in the car at the time of the crash had to extricated by fire fighters. Once out of the car, first responders transported all involved to local area hospitals for medical treatments. Now, Illinois authorities are left to review available evidence to determine just why the young driver lost control of her car, causing injuries to those inside.

In addition to working to recover from her injuries, the teen driver may face personal injury liability for her actions. This liability may include the damages that were caused to her passengers, including any lost wages or pain and suffering. In such car accident cases as this one, it is often helpful for victims to review the laws relating to a personal injury as they seek to recover some of the financial losses suffered when they are involved in a crash.

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