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Illinois motorcycle accident results in injury to 2 people

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2013 | Motorcycle Accidents

Two people from Illinois are in the hospital recovering from injuries after a recent incident. The pair were in a motorcycle accident in the early morning hours of a weekend day. Now, the vehicle’s driver is facing criminal charges and may also have personal injury liability.

According to an early report by Illinois officials of the motorcycle accident, the motorcycle was travelling north on Industry Road near Farmington just prior to the crash. For reasons that are of yet unclear, the driver lost control of the vehicle. This caused the motorcycle to crash, sending its passengers flying off of the vehicle. The violent impact that occurred when this happened resulted in injury to the two people involved.

First responders took both victims to local area hospitals. They were listed as having serious, though no-life threatening injuries as a result of the motorcycle accident. Though they are expected to recover, it may take weeks or even months before the victim of this crash is able to return to a normal life that is similar to the one that she had before the crash.

In many motorcycle accident cases like this one, victims seek to make claims against the driver at fault for their injuries using Illinois personal injury laws. These laws are intended to assist victims with the economic damages that they suffer in this type of incident. Claims include lost wages and pain and suffering. These claims against the driver at fault are in addition to any criminal charges that the individual may face.

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