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Illinois car accident ends life of elderly pedestrian

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2013 | Car Accidents

Illinois officials are continuing to investigate a horrific incident that occurred recently. The car accident involved not only a vehicle, but also a pedestrian. The crash ended the life of the walking victim.

According to a report about the car accident, an elderly man was walking across a street near Oakton Park just prior to the crash. As he crossed the road, the man was struck by a car that was travelling on the roadway. The violent impact, witnesses say, caused the man’s belongings, including his shoes to go flying from the scene.

The pedestrian died as a result of the car accident. Now, Illinois officials are working to learn exactly what happened. As they do, they will likely review information offered by witnesses as well as any physical evidence that may exist.

In car accident cases such as this one, the driver at fault often finds that they are liable for the injuries caused to the victims. In this case that includes the death of the pedestrian. It is likely that the family of the deceased man will seek to make a claim using Illinois personal injury laws. Such a claim could include a wrongful death assertion that could lead to financial liability for the driver of the car that struck and killed the man. Before making such a claim, surviving family member s may wish to seek information regarding the applicable laws as they will work in this type of case, an effort which could help them navigate the sometimes-complicated court process.

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