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Illinois car accident involves 1 vehicle and death of a victim

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2013 | Car Accidents

One person is dead and another is injured after a horrific crash happened on an Illinois roadway. The car accident occurred in the early morning hours of a recent weekend in Galesburg. When it ended and first responders took the victims away fro medical care, police began to investigate the cause of this fatal crash.

According to early reports from police, at last two people were in a car travelling on U.S. Route 150 East just prior to the car accident. For reasons that are still being investigated, the driver of the one car involved in the crash lost control of his vehicle. As he did, the car is said to have veered over a guardrail. It landed on railroad tracks that were below the initial location of the crash.

The violent impact caused the now-deceased victim to be ejected from the car. The cause injuries that led to her death. The young driver was taken to a local hospital where he was being treated for injuries after the crash.

Now, the family of the deceased victim may seek to make a claim against the driver at fault in this car accident under Illinois personal injury laws. If this is the case, they may claim wrongful death for their loss. This could lead to some economic recovery for the costs associated with this incident. However, despite a personal injury award, the family will likely have many years of emotional recovery before even beginning to return to normal after a loss such as the one that happened here.

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