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Illinois car accident involves 3 cars

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2013 | Car Accidents

Illinois officials have called a woman who was involved in a crash recently very lucky. The woman was in a vehicle on highway West U.S. 6 just prior to the car accident. Everyone survived the crash that included three cars.

According to reports form Illinois police, the three vehicles involved in the car accident were travelling in Morris near a fire station when the incident happened. For reasons tat remain unclear, the cars collided with each other. The impact led to at least one of the victims having to be extracted from her car after being pinned in the vehicle.

She, and others who were victims of the car accident, had to be taken to local area hospitals for medical care. Though officials have not released the extent of the injuries suffered by victims, it has been noted that all of those involved in the crash are expected to survive. To ensure survival, police called into service their rescue helicopter which, if needed, could have been used to transport victims from the car accident scene.

There is good news in this Illinois car accident. All involved survived the incident. However, those that suffered some injury may be able to make a claim for the costs that they suffered in the crash using our state’s personal injury laws. Such claims are often made by victims against those who caused a car accident through their action or inaction. These types of claims can help with the financial recovery of a victim of a crash, though in many cases physical recovery takes much longer.

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