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Illinois car accident with pedestrian cases common recently

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2013 | Car Accidents

There have been several incidents recently in Illinois that ended with severe injury to our residents. Our readers will not be surprised to learn that it was the pedestrians that were hospitalized when they were involved in a recent string of walker versus car accident cases. At least three of the victims of these crashes remain in local are hospitals.

According to a report, one of the car accident cases involving a pedestrian occurred in East St. Louis on St. Clair Avenue. A man was crossing the street, outside of a marked crosswalk, when he was struck by a car in the eastbound lanes of the roadway. This serious injury accident happened in the same location as another similar fatal event occurred in 2011.

The same day as the first car accident versus pedestrian accident, another occurred in O’Fallon. In that incident, a coupe was crossing U.S. Route 50 near a community park. As they crossed they were struck by an on-coming vehicle. The impact caused injuries described by officials as serious.

In each of these car accident cases, victims suffered serious injury. Because of this, they may be able to make a claim against the drivers at fault for the crashes under Illinois personal injury laws. Such claims are common in these types of cases. They can include lost wages, the costs associated with physical recovery and other financial losses that a victim endures after an incident like these. To determine if a claim is available, victims may wish to seek information relating to the applicable laws of our state before entering into the claim process.

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