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Illinois workers’ compensation can help when someone dies

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2013 | Workers' Compensation

In Illinois, football can be a very popular sport. From high schools, to colleges, to professional teams, people are very interested in how and where their teams play. Now, some may be interested to learn of the tragic accident that happened as a team in another state built its new stadium. The incident may end with not only the death of a man but also a claim to his home state’s workers’ compensation program.

In the unfortunate accident, a man died while he was on the job. The man was working on a construction crew that is tasked with building a stadium that will eventually by the home of a famed professional football team. At the time of the fatal accident, the man was working with steel rebar.

According to a report, the rebar fell on the man, killing him almost instantly. His death was the second that has occurred on the construction project. In each of the cases, surviving family may find that they require the help that can come form a claim to workers’ compensation.

As some in Illinois may now, workers’ compensation is an insurance plan created to help those who have been injured on the job. When a worker dies as a result of an accident, a claim can be made by the individuals surviving family. Such claims can include lost wages of the deceased. Because the process can be complicated, many find it helpful to seek information from experienced professionals as they enter into it. This effort can pay off when benefits are received and, though loved ones cannot be returned, financial losses are minimized.

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