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Workers’ compensation in Illinois intended to help after accident

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2013 | Workers' Compensation

When a person in Illinois is injured on the job, they are often uncertain of what to do. In most cases, it is best for the injured employee to seek information about our state’s workers’ compensation insurance program immediately after the incident. This effort can begin the process of getting a person the compensation they need.

In one recent case in another state, a man was working in the iron industry when he became injured. After his accident, the man sought benefits from his state’s workers’ compensation program. However, the man states that he was treated by a doctor who encouraged him to return to work before he was ready, causing him additional injury.

Many states have different rules for how doctors are assigned to cases where workers have been injured. The majority of our nation allows an injured person to choose their medical provider. This was not the case for the man in this recent accident, however, and he has now filed a lawsuit to allow him to do just that.

Being injured at work can cause people to lose their incomes and become uncertain about their future here in Illinois. However, our state has a workers’ compensation insurance program that is intended to be used by people who have suffered while on the job. The funds received from this program can be used to not only pay for medical care, but in some cases can help make ends meet when a person is unable to work. Because the benefits are so important, it is often helpful for to seek information about the appropriate actions to take when entering the workers’ compensation process.

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