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Illinois car accident ends life of teenager, injures 4 more

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2013 | Car Accidents

Illinois readers would likely agree that a car accident is rarely more tragic than when it takes the life of a young person. That is, unfortunately, exactly what happened in a recent crash. The car accident claimed the life of a teenage girl and injured several others.

According to early reports from Illinois officials, five teenagers were in a vehicle in Bethalto on a recent weekend evening. For reasons that are unclear to authorities at this time, the young driver of the car left the road, causing the fatal car accident. The speeding car smashed into a tree before coming to a rest.

Four victims were thrown from the vehicle. They were all injured and had to be taken to local area hospitals, where they were to be treated by medical personnel. The victims degrees of injury was not detailed, though the initial evidence suggests that the deceased driver perished as a result of traumatic chest injury.

As the victims begin to recover from their physical injuries, they may face not only physical pain but emotional injury also financial stress. When this is the case in a car accident, victims often turn to Illinois personal injury laws for help. These laws are intended to assist those in cases such as the one that happened here. In fact, a successfully litigated personal injury claim for lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages can lead to an award that can assist those who need help with paying medical bills and meeting basic needs. In this instance, any such claim would likely be made against the estate of the deceased driver as well as any separate owner of the vehicle involved in the tragedy.

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