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Illinois car accident ends life of 2 young victims

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2013 | Car Accidents

Two young victims died in an early morning crash recently on an Illinois roadway. Both were in their early twenties at the time of their deaths. They were the passengers in a vehicle that was involved in a one-car accident that happened in Rock island County.

According to a report about the car accident from Illinois officials, the vehicle was travelling on 51st Street West just prior to the fatal incident. For reasons that are still being determined, the young driver lost control of his car as he rounded a curve. This forced the vehicle to leave the roadway, heading into a nearby ditch and striking a tree.

The violent impact may have been the cause of the on-scene death of the victims. The driver was also injured, and was taken to a local area hospital for medical care. It is unclear as to the extent of his injury. The official investigation will likely include seeking information from the surviving driver as well as a review of available evidence such as skid marks and toxicology testing.

In addition to any criminal charges that could come from Illinois officials against the driver at fault for this crash, he may find that he is also liable to the survivors of his victims. Under our state’s personal injury laws, the surviving family may be able to make claims that include wrongful death. Such a claim can help families with the financial costs associated with this type of car accident. While a financial award will not be able to ease the emotional pain that they have suffered as a result of this fatal collision, it could help ease the economic damages incurred.

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