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Illinois car accident ends with death and criminal charges

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2013 | Car Accidents

The driver of a car involved in a crash on an Illinois roadway has been charged with crimes. The charges came after the car accident that claimed the life of the passenger in the man’s car — one of two vehicles involved in the incident. The crash happened during the afternoon hours of a weekday in Chicago.

According to reports from Illinois officials, just prior to the car accident, the driver was heading north on South Shore Drive. For reasons that are still unclear, the driver lost control of his vehicle. This caused the vehicle to veer into oncoming traffic. Once there, it hit a car traveling in the opposite direction.

The violent impact led to the fatal injury of the victim. After an initial investigation, police believe that drugs may have played a part in the actions of the driver. This led not only to the criminal allegations, but may also lead the family of the deceased victim to make a claim against the man under Illinois personal injury law.

An Illinois personal injury claim is common after a car accident such as this one in Chicago. In such claims, surviving family can seek an award for the pain and suffering of the deceased as well as wrongful death. The reimbursement that comes from a claim can help the family to recover from the financial loss that they suffer after a car accident like this one. It can be difficult for life to return to normal after the death of a loved one, but a successfully litigated claim can at least help with the expenses that result from such a tragedy.

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