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Illinois car accident claims life of one victim

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2014 | Car Accidents

A victim has died after a tragic incident happened on an Illinois roadway recently. The car accident occurred in the evening hours of a weekday. The cars involved were on Route 30 just prior to the crash.

According to early reports from Illinois officials, two vehicles smashed into each other on the roadway just east of 5th Street in Oswego. The impact was head-on, causing a fatal injury to one victim. Others involved in the car accident had to be taken to a local area hospital for medical care.

Now, police are investigating the incident to learn exactly what happened. As they do, they may seek information from both eyewitness accounts and physical evidence. The information gathered will help determine just who may be responsible for this unfortunate crash.

When a person in Illinois finds that they are the victim of a car accident such as the one that happened in this case, they often seek to make a claim against the driver thought to have been at fault under our state’s personal injury laws. These claims can include pain and suffering and other financial damages. In addition to victims of a crash, surviving family members of people who died in such a crash may also make a claim against any party deemed negligent in causing or contributing to the fatal collision. In those instances, a wrongful death lawsuit can be litigated through our civil court system, based upon proof of negligence and of the financial losses that negligence is said to have caused the victim and the victim’s surviving family members.

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