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Workers’ composition program helps many in Illinois

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

In Illinois, many people have jobs that can be dangerous. This is true for those who work in our manufacturing and processing plants. Unfortunately, these people sometimes suffer an injury while on the job. When that happens, they are typically entitled to file a claim through the workers’ compensation program.

In one recent accident in another state, a man at work at a meat-processing plant suffered an injury while he was at work. According to a report, his arm became lodged in a machine. Tragically, the machine severed the man’s arm.

When he was injured, coworkers attempted to stem the bleeding by applying a tourniquet. This helped until first responders were able to take the man to a local area hospital in Texas for medical care. In the meantime, it is likely that officials will investigate the cause of this unfortunate on-the-job injury accident.

The injured worker must now focus on regaining his health. As he does, he may find that it is difficult to make payments for his basic needs such as a mortgage or rent and food. To alleviate some of those costs, he is likely entitled to pursue a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. Most states, including Illinois, require employers to pay into this important, state-regulated insurance program. Before beginning the process, an injured worker may benefit from reviewing the applicable compensation guidelines and necessary procedures so as to ensure that all of the benefits to which he is entitled may be obtained in a timely manner.

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