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Car accidents commonly cause brain damage from impact

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2014 | Car Accidents

Illinois residents may know about the startlingly high statistics regarding brain damage and sports-related injuries. However, it may not be as well-known that car accident impacts are actually the second-leading cause for brain damage. Many victims may not ever realize that they have suffered from long-term damage until long after the initial car accident has occurred.

Serious car accidents will often cause head injuries. However, even small accidents that result in minor concussions and bumps can have a long-term impact. Over the course of time, it may become apparent that severe damage has been done, and victims may require ongoing medical treatment. Many victims may not ever show a physical sign of the damage, but they may still suffer from serious consequences.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has studied head injuries and what causes these debilitating physical incidents. Falls are the leading cause of head injuries and brain damage, but car accidents are in second place. While not all injuries are life-threatening, some victims may be left unable to walk, talk or care for themselves.

When victims have suffered physically or emotionally because of a car accident, it is possible that they could be eligible for financial compensation. Brain damage can show symptoms over time, if not initially, and the costs of caring for these victims can be debilitating. Medical expenses, emotional suffering and more could be compensated through a personal injury settlement. Even if an Illinois resident does not initially realize they are a victim of a head injury, they may still be eligible for a settlement.

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