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Young teen injured while working and left paralyzed

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2014 | Workers' Compensation

Illinois readers may be familiar with the tragic story of the young teen who was injured while working on a ranch. Her parents claim that she was injured while working because of the negligence of her employer. While it is not clear what her specific job duties entailed, it is possible that she could consider legal action against the ranch.

The accident occurred when she fell from a 40-foot-high swing. It is not clear if this activity was in the actual list of her duties, but her parents claim that she was not outfitted with the appropriately fitting safety gear. Because of the fall, the teen has been left paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. This devastating injury has left her and her family facing many challenges — physical, emotional and financial.

Her actual injuries include broken bones, fractured pelvis and damage to the spinal cord. It does seem possible that advances in medical care could lead to her working again someday in the future, but she has already endured extensive medical stays, treatments and financial burdens. The cost of caring for a family member with a spinal injury can be expensive, but in some cases like this, an employer could be held liable for the pain and suffering incurred.

When any employee is injured while working, whether in Illinois or another state, it is possible that the employer could be ordered to pay financial compensation. For injured workers or their families considering pursuing legal action of this sort, it is important that all evidence and documentation be considered. A settlement will not be awarded unless there is a sufficient demonstration of proof to back the claims in the suit.

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