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Illinois car accident leaves several injured

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2014 | Car Accidents

An accident in Illinois left several people injured when two vehicles collided. While none of the injuries were especially serious or life-threatening, it is important to remember that even minor injuries can sometimes require expensive medical treatment. This particular car accident was likely the result of poor driving decisions and possible speeding.

This particular accident occurred when the young driver of a Buick was driving on Illinois 14 and slowed down to make a turn. At the time the Buick was slowing, the driver of a semi-truck two cars behind was forced to jerk the truck suddenly to avoid hitting the cars ahead. As a result, the semi-truck moved into another lane and made contact with the Buick.

The driver of the semi-truck was considered to be at fault for the incident. Because he was forced to swerve at the last minute when the cars in front of him slowed, it can be inferred that he was driving too fast or following the other cars too closely. In fact, this driver was officially charged with improper lane usage and failure to slow down to avoid a crash.

Thankfully, this accident did not result in serious injuries. However, even the most minor of accidents can leave victims in pain and requiring extensive medical treatment. If these injuries were sustained in a car accident that was caused by the reckless, dangerous or negligent driver of another vehicle, victims could be eligible for financial compensation. Any compensation granted could help injured victims and families cover the unexpected expenses incurred from an accident.

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